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Saving Money On A Luxury Hotel In Nevada

Most people think of Las Vegas when they consider traveling to Nevada. Las Vegas is a big attraction because it is the city of sin. If you are planning to travel to Vegas, ensure that you consider flights, meals, great USA hotel, casino money, and entertainment.

Staying in Vegas

I highly recommend MGM Grand Hotel to you. One of the interesting point about this hotel is it built with five thousand rooms and it is one of the tallest hotel in Vegas. MGM impresses many travelers because it is deemed one of the homes to Hollywood. In fact, the hotel is built Hollywood-style. In the Hotel area restaurants, cafés, spas, entertainment, and so forth, at the MGM you will enjoy excitement and fun for sure. In addition, the food is great.

This is the favourite staying place for many popular stars such as Brithney Spears, Rolling Stones and many other big stars. Live boxers go here also.

I loved the Aladdin Hotel. The hotel is conveniently situated around McCarran Airport. It is also close to FSE or the Freemont Street Experience. The hotel has over twenty-five hundred rooms and 50 floors. Shops are located inside the hotel where you can shop for books. Look for coupons. At one time Aladdin use to give each guest who stayed at the hotel a complimentary $10 to spend on slots. Find out if that offer is still available by booking your travel to Nevada online.

The Mirage is on the strip of Vegas. This glitzy and glamorous hotel has erotic and tropical scenery. It is near the Mandalay Bay, which this hotel has over thirty-two thousand rooms and forty floors. The hotel is near the airport.

Casino is commonly offered by most of the hotels around here. Mandalay is called the House of Blues Concert Hall because many live theatres in the building sponsored the Blues.

If you are coming when the weather is hot, swimming pool is ready anytime for you to jump in. Fitness centers and exercise rooms is available in most hotels including health spas. Salons are easily found in the hotel area to cater the needs of ladies that are looking to have a new hairstyle.

Be sure that you never miss out the local shopping experience. The Mandalay for example has the Tracks and Lazy River Rides. It is a complete erotic and tropical environment. In the hotel, you can enjoy fine dining, restaurants, and cafés. Some of the popular dishes sold there include the American dishes, Creole, e.g. Gumbo, Italian Cuisines, French foods, Mexican, Russian and Chinese foods.

At the hotels, you can enjoy movies on VCR, DVD, or on the Internet. The rooms often have games, Radio, TV, High-Speed Internet and so forth.

While you are in Vegas, you should pay a visit to Reno too. We visited here once. The pricing is more affordable for travel and luxuries. You don’t have the real life Vegas arena, but there are many similarities. That is the nightlife, casinos, hotels, dining, etc, are good too.

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