How to Connect Fire Boltt Smart Watch Ninnja Calling to Android and iPhone

You need to have a smartphone in order to use a smartwatch. This is a prerequisite for using a smartwatch and this informative blog will guide you to connect Fire Boltt smart watch to your iPhone and Android mobile. Installing the program that comes pre-packaged with the Smartwatch onto your phone allows you to connect the Smartwatch to your phone. In the second step, you will need to connect the Bluetooth on your smartwatch to the Bluetooth on your phone in order to synchronize the data on both devices.

Simple and Effectives Methods and Tips to Connect fire Boltt smart watch

The above sections are short service guide to connect Fire Boltt smart watch ninja calling to your mobile. These days, there are smartwatches on the market that not only come with a standard Bluetooth connection, but also have an internal microphone and speaker, a rapid dial pad, and sufficient capacity to save contacts.

These features allow you to not only make, attend, and reject calls, but also make calls using the timepiece. That particular improvement stands out as one of the most significant ones in the history of the development of smartwatch technology.


Now, once the connection has been successfully established, you will begin receiving all of the notifications that are originating from your smartphone on the display of your smartwatch. For instance, you are able to check emails and read messages sent through a variety of programs such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and so on. You can also refer back to your calendar schedule if you need a reminder to stay on track.

Now Look at the Brief Points in sections Below on how to connect your smart watch Ninja Calling Fire-Boltt to your mobile.

Smartwatch with Bluetooth Connectivity Fire-Boltt to Mobile

The Bluetooth Calling Technology in the Fire-Boltt Bluetooth calling series has made communication considerably more convenient and effective. Connect fire Boltt smart watch to your smartphone and you’ll be able to use all of your phone’s features on your watch. Checking notifications and messages, making, attending, and rejecting calls, controlling the camera and music directly from the watch, A handful of the capabilities that are supported include TWS pairing for your earphone in addition to a great number of other functions.

How should your Fire-Boltt smartwatch be charged?

The charging cable for your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch will feature ‘Magnetic Suction Charging Technology’. Therefore, you only need to hold the connector towards the rear of your smartwatch, where the magnet is located, and it will automatically be placed in the correct location, where the magnet will automatically draw the connection.

Other remarkable characteristics of Fire-Boltt timepieces


Fire-Boltt has introduced a series of AMOLED and HIGHRESOLUTION DISPLAYS as a technological breakthrough in the smartwatch display market. Now, you can appreciate a comfortable view and safeguard your eyesight from blurred vision. Not only is it good for your eyes, but it also appears superior to a conventional display.

Health support Connect Fire Boltt Smart Watch

Given today’s fast-paced lifestyle in terms of eating habits, physical activity, and environmental concerns including various sorts of pollution, it has become imperative to keep a tight eye on your health. It’s crucial that we always keep an eye on our fitness and health in order to stay prepared for any potential mishaps and live a healthy life.

Owning a FIRE-BOLTT SMARTWATCH WITH HEALTH MONITORING FEATURES is the simplest method to keep track of your fitness and health.

For illustration

  • – Monitoring of Heart Rate
  • – Monitoring of SpO2
  • – Blood Pressure Checks
  • – Intentional Breathing
  • – Period Tracking
  • – Monitoring Sleep Patterns

Various sporting options in Fire Boltt Smart Watch

Fire-Boltt Smartwatches give you access to a wide variety of sports modes, such as those for land, sea, and air. The ingenious MULTIPLE SPORTS MODES accommodates a wide variety of sports and physical activities, from outdoor games to gym workouts to yoga and aerobics.

Your Fire-Boltt Smartwatch can keep tabs on your workouts of any kind, letting you know how many steps you took or how many calories you burned. In addition, you’ll know exactly where you stand, allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to your workout regimen.

Proof against rain

WATER-RESISTANT SMARTWATCHES BY FIRE-BOLTT allow you to focus on your workouts without being interrupted by sweat or splashes. Now that it can withstand water spray, your smartwatch can stay on while you swim, dive, or simply enjoy the monsoon.


Now that you have access to these beautiful looks in a variety of colors and silhouettes, you may tailor your daily attire to the environment and your state of mind. Besides having a laminated display and exquisite patterns, a textured band, and MULTIPLE WATCH FACES, this watch is perfect for any event, whether formal or casual. If you want to stand out from the crowd, all you need is a FIRE-BOLTT SMARTWATCH.

Additional Clever Functions

  • Manage the Cameras
  • Tuning In To The Beat
  • Distinctive Menu Designs
  • Alarm
  • Reverse Timer
  • Calculator
  • Current Conditions
  • Flashlight

Power of a Battery (Backup Time)

The BATTERY LIFE AND SUPPORT OF FIRE-BOLTTT SMARTPHONES IS EXCEPTIONAL. Without having to stop and charge your smartwatch, you can now keep up with your hectic schedule or take carefree trips.

When Fire-Boltt Smartwatches are put into power conservation mode, their standby time is unparalleled. You may keep using your smartwatch without any problem, even whether you’re in a distant area or on a long flight.

Now All About How Ninja Calling Smart Watch of Fire-Boltt Works

Read all How tos of Fire Boltt Smart Watch Below:

How do I use my Fire-Boltt Talk’s Bluetooth calling feature?

After you’ve connected the watch to the Da Fit App, go to your phone’s bluetooth settings and pair the watch.

  • Turn on Bluetooth in your phone’s bluetooth settings, and you should see “BSW004” as an accessible device.
  • Confirm the Bluetooth pairing request.
  • Once confirmed, you should see the following screens: “Connected for calls & audio”

When I’m not using the Bluetooth calling feature, how do I turn it off?

The user only needs to navigate to the bluetooth option on their phone and “unpair” the BSW004 device in order to deactivate the bluetooth calling feature.

How can I import contacts into the watch?

You are allowed to add up to eight contacts; add the contacts using the Dafit app. Click the “Favorite Contacts” tab and add new contacts there. Your watch will now be synchronized with the selected contacts.

How do I switch to phone mode when I’m on a call?

Switch from your watch to your phone while on a call. Every call that comes in when your watch is Bluetooth-connected to your phone will automatically show up there. You can change this setting while an active call is in progress. During a call that is already in progress, you can easily switch to the phone by de-selecting the Bluetooth connection by clicking the icon that looks like a BSW004 phone. Your phone will then ring with the incoming call.

Do you mind if I chat through the watch?

Yes. You can communicate with the other person through the watch by using the microphone that is included in the watch. You can adjust the volume of the speaker by using the plus and minus signs that are located on the watch.

Unfortunately, I am unable connect Fire Boltt smart watch to my Mobile! What to do?

  • Check to see that the operating system version on your smartphone is at least Android 4.4 or iOS 7.0.
  • In order to use the location services, it is required to accept and agree to all of the terms and permissions.
  • Ensure that you have the DaFit app downloaded into your mobile device.
  • It is important that you do not connect the watch to the phone’s Bluetooth directly; instead, use the DaFit app to establish the connection.
  • First, ensure that your Bluetooth is turned on, and then attempt to pair your watch with the appropriate application. When the device becomes discoverable, it will show up on the screen of the app; all you have to do is click on it to connect it to the app.
  • Please restart your phone and give it another shot if you are still having problems with binding.

Is Fire-Boltt Talk equipped with a full touch screen?

The complete touch screen display is present in Fire-Boltt Talk.

Does Fire-Boltt Talk withstand shock?

No, Fire-Boltt Talk isn’t resistant to shock. Please don’t drop it from a height; else, the watch might be harmed.

Waterproof Fire-Boltt Talk?

Yes. The grade is IP67. Devices having an IP68 classification are considered to be durable enough to withstand dust, grime, and sand and to sustain immersion for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1 meter underwater. Recall that it can be used in the shower. However, stay away from the ocean, hot tubs, and saunas as the moisture and salt in the water can harm the band.

Can one utilize Fire-Boltt Talk while swimming?

Yes, you can swim with your Fire Boltt BSW004 and BSW053 and other BSW series. The Fire-Boltt BSW004 is solely splash resistant and has an IP67 rating. Devices having an IP67 classification are considered to be durable enough to tolerate dust, grime, and sand and to sustain immersion for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1 meter.

Can I use Fire-Boltt Talk to shoot pictures?

The Fire Boltt Talk show has no camera.

What is the Fire Boltt Talk’s pixel resolution?

Fire Boltt Talk’s display resolution is 320*360.

How big is my Fire Boltt Talk’s dial?

Fire Boltt Talk has a dial that measures 43.2*36.3mm.

What kinds of alerts may I receive on my Fire Boltt Talk?

You will be alerted to messages and calls via SMS, calls, the calendar, email, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Viber, Gmail, Outlook, Snapchat, Telegram, and Slack as long as the smartwatch is paired with your phone and the two are within Bluetooth range of each other.

Can we refuse Fire-Boltt Talk calls?

You can indeed decline calls from your smartwatch.

Is there a phone tracking feature?

Yes. Activate the watch’s display. Select Find My Phone by swiping up. However, for this to function, your phone and smartwatch must be in Bluetooth range and linked.

Gesture control in Fire-Boltt Talk?

Yes, Fire Boltt Talk has a Gesture control that activates the display when you lift your wrist to gaze at it.

Is it possible for Fire-Boltt Talk to store and play music?

As long as your smartphone and smartwatch are in Bluetooth range, Fire Boltt Talk offers a remote music control feature that allows you to control music and track volume on your phone. It cannot, however, be used to store music.

Can I use my earbuds and Fire-Boltt Talk on the same smartphone?

Yes, you can pair both earphones and Fire-Boltt Talk with your smartphone at the same time.

What is Fire-Boltt Talk’s Bluetooth range?

Fire Boltt Talk has a Bluetooth range of 10 meters.

Can it connect to a Bluetooth headphone and play music?

As long as your smartphone is connected and synced with the app, Fire-Boltt Talk may manage the music playing on it. As long as the smartphone is coupled with earbuds and the smartwatch, the Fire-Boltt Talk can control music played over a Bluetooth headset.

Is it equipped with an always-on screen?

No, there is no always-on screen in Fire-Boltt Talk.

Fire Boltt Talk has how many watch faces?

Fire Boltt Talk comes with 5 system-integrated watch faces and a wealth of cloud-based storage options. You may also personalize the watch faces with the Da Fit app.

Can we alter the face of the watch?

Yes, the watch faces can be changed. Touch and hold the home screen of the watch. Swipe through the watch faces to make your selection. To change the watch face, go to the app, select the watch face of your choosing, and then touch Save. You may even personalize your watch face using the app. Check out watch video online to connect ninaja calling smartwatch to iPhone and Android.

How can I make my Fire-Boltt Talk brighter?

The brightness may be adjusted using the watch. Turn on the watch screen, go to Settings, and then Brightness. Adjust as desired.

How do I use my Fire Boltt Talk’s stopwatch?

On your smartwatch, go to Stopwatch. To begin, press the Play button. Make laps, use the Lap button. Pause, press Play again. To return, tap Stopwatch. Also watch video guide online to see how smartwatch fire boltt connect to smart phone.

What sensors is the Fire-Boltt Talk equipped with?

The HR sensor, accelerometer, and SpO2 sensor are all included in the Fire Boltt Talk.

Is there GPS in Fire-Boltt Talk?

No, there is no GPS in Fire Boltt Talk.

What accessories are included with Fire-Boltt Talk?

One user manual and a magnetic charging cable are included with the Fire-Boltt Talk.

Can I lower the intensity of vibration in my Fire-Boltt Talk?

There is no way to lower the vibration level in Fire Boltt Talk.


How do I get started with my Fire-Boltt Talk device?

Before you begin, make sure your smartphone and Fire Boltt Talk are both charged and close to each other. To turn on the watch, connect the charging wire. Get the DaFit app for your smartphone. Allow Bluetooth and GPS positioning to be enabled in the Da Fit app. Fill up the app with your personal information and fitness goals. Go to the app’s add device page and pick the device type before linking the watch. Check out this video to see how it’s done.

Why is my Fire-Boltt Talk gadget not syncing?

This could be due to a loss of Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone. Please verify that the Da Fit app is running and locked in the background for a reliable connection.

Why can’t I get my Fire-Boltt Talk gadget to work?

Try again after resetting your Fire Boltt Talk.

Why did my Fire-Boltt Talk gadget not notify me?

It’s possible that this is due to a lack of Bluetooth connectivity. Ascertain that your watch and phone are in Bluetooth range, and that the alerts are enabled in the App, which is kept running and locked in the background (Android). Check to see if the DND is turned off.

How can I reactivate my Fire-Boltt Talk?

Follow these procedures to restart your Fire Boltt Talk smartwatch. Switch on the watch screen. Swipe up and choose Settings. Select Restart from the menu.

How do I disable my Fire Boltt Talk?

Turn on the watch screen, navigate to Settings, and then select Power Off.

How can I reactivate my Fire-Boltt Talk?

Fire Boltt Beast can be reset from the watch. Go to Settings, choose Reset, and then Reset.


What is the capacity and standby time of the battery?

It has a 210mAh battery with a 10-day battery life and a 30-day standby time. The maximum tested time that a single charge would last when the smartwatch is utilized as a regular watch is referred to as stand-by time.

How can I know whether my device is fully charged?

It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the Fire Boltt Talk. When the battery is fully charged, it will display a 100% Charged message. To avoid device damage, please do not use a fast charging adaptor.

What is the procedure for checking the battery level on my Fire Boltt Talk device?

To check the battery level on your Fire Boltt Talk, turn on the screen and slide up.

How can I extend the battery life of my Fire Boltt Talk device?

  • With Bluetooth calling mode activated, the battery lasts for 5 days.
  • When the Bluetooth calling option is turned off, the battery can survive for up to ten days.
  • The battery can be left on standby for up to 30 days.
  • Advisory- To conserve battery life, turn off Bluetooth when not in use.

Which charger should I use for my Fire Boltt Talk?

Please use a low-power adapter or plug the charging wire into a USB port on your laptop or PC. Use of a fast charging adapter may cause long-term damage to the watch.


How does the Fire Boltt Beast synchronize data?

The Fire Boltt Beast syncs data with the Da Fit app through Bluetooth.

Is the watch compatible with other apps?

Yes, it is compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health via the Da Fit App.

Why is it taking so long for data to sync to the app?

To sync the data to the app, navigate to the app’s homepage and pull down the screen. The syncing procedure will begin, and data will be synced to the app. When synchronizing the data, make sure you’re in Bluetooth range and that the watch and app are close by. If the app takes too long to sync or becomes stuck while syncing, unbind the device from the app and reconnect.


Is it possible to see notifications from social networking apps in Fire-Boltt Talk?

Push notifications from social networking apps that have been linked with the Da Fit are displayed in Fire-Boltt Talk. Please confirm that the Da Fit app (Android) is active and locked in the background.

Why isn’t Fire-Boltt Talk receiving phone notifications?

It’s possible that this is due to a lack of Bluetooth connectivity. Make sure your phone and watch are within Bluetooth range and that the alerts are turned on in the app, which runs in the background and stays locked (Android). Check to see if the DND function on the smartwatch is enabled.

Can we view my phone’s messages and caller ID on the smartwatch?

Yes, as long as your smartwatch is paired with the Da Fit app and within Bluetooth range, you can view messages and caller details.

How do we access the caller’s information?

To view incoming call information, enable the call notification option in the Da Fit app.

Can I read incoming messages on my Fire-Boltt Talk, or will I simply receive alerts of new messages?

When you link your Fire-Boltt Talk to the Da Fit app, you will be notified of new messages. When you receive a notice, you can read the message. You may also look at previously received alerts.


What does the app’s name mean?

The app is called Da Fit.

How do I take care of my Da Fit account?

From the app, you can take care of your Da Fit identity. Open the app, go to Settings and then your profile to control it.

How do I use my Da Fit app to keep track of my workouts?

The Daily Report part of the app is where you can keep track of your workouts. Open the app Da Fit. Go to the part of the page called “Daily Report” to get your daily report.

How do I change the way my Fire-Boltt Talk device measures things?

Once you set the units of measure on your Da Fit app, you can’t change them.


What purpose does SpO2 serve?

The SpO2 monitor checks the amount of oxygen in your blood.

How does Fire Boltt Talk figure out how many calories I’ve burned?

Simple ways to connect Fire Boltt smart watch to Iphone and smart phone mobiles. Fire Boltt Talk figures out how many calories you’ve burned based on your heart rate, how long you’ve been active, how many steps you’ve taken, how far you’ve gone, your height, weight, and age.

How do I use my Fire Boltt Talk to track my heart rate?

Fire-Boltt Talk can either automatically or manually find out your heart rate. With the Da Fit App, you can keep track of your heart rate.

Why doesn’t my Fire-Boltt Talk show my heart rate?

You can see your heart rate on your Fire-Boltt Talk smartwatch as long as it is on your wrist and there is no space between the watch and your wrist. You can use the Da Fit app to get a full report.

Does this watch keep track of sleep even when it’s not linked to an app?

Yes, even if you aren’t linked to the app, Fire-Boltt Talk will still measure your sleep. Once the app is connected, the info will be synced to it. On your tracker, you can also see how much you slept each day.

Has it got a step counter?

Yes, Fire-Boltt Talk has a step counter built in.

Does Fire-Boltt Talk have a way to track a woman’s health?

Yes, Fire-Boltt Talk has a tool for tracking the health of women.


How do I change the strap on my Fire-Boltt Talk?

The part that lets you take the band off and put it back on is on the bottom of the band.


These are the above all about tips to connect a smart watch by brand of Fire-Boltt company to your smart phone Android and iPhone. The above blog is helpful to inform users to Connect Fire Boltt Smart Watch to Android and iPhone.

How to Connect Ninja Calling to Smart Phone


These are The Fire-Boltt Smart Watches you can get online from company’s website and other partners.

  • Fire Boltt Cyclone Smartwatch upcoming
  • Fire Boltt Destiny Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Grenade Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Phoenix Pro Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Ninja Call 2 Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Infinity Luxe Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Sphere Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Artillery Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Invincible Plus Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Combat Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Ninja Fit Pro Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Dagger Luxe Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Gladiator Plus Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Talk Go Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Legacy Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Supernova Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Hunter Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Ninja Call Ultra Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Phoenix Ultra Smartwatch
  • Fire Boltt Allure Smartwatch

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