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Do you want to promote your blog with full of information and you are looking it to be published on good ranked IT knowledge website portal. Then you are most welcome we have a dedicated perfect team who are constantly working on content with full of knowledge and information. We work finely and dedicated towards users who are looking to read our blogs and articles to gain knowledge and information. Guest posts write for us – very simple and fast way to publish content and outreach globally to users.


Why Vetsinprison is Best for Guest Blog?

  • We have a dedicated IT content publishing team who are focusing on publishing high quality informative content on our Vetsinprison portal.
  • We have a high da and fastest growing informative content portal worldwide
  • The fastest approval and publishing time ( 4 hours to 2 days) depends on the que and load of publishing content requests.
  • Guest posts like blog and articles are always welcome but with some guidelines.
  • Good backlinks opportunity for your business and website.
  • Collaboration opportunities to get into business partnership to grow significantly.

The Vetsinprison blog appreciates your reading it. Guest posts are great because they allow us to expose our readers to new ideas and information sources. However, we receive many requests and are unable to fulfill them all. However, following these suggestions will increase your odds of success.

To explain the Vetsinprison Blog and Guest Posts

For more than a decade, the Vetsinprison blog has been a trusted source for information on effective strategies for promoting a business online. Some information is provided below.

Anyone interested in learning more about digital marketing and advertising, including business owners, marketers, and students, is welcome to read on. For advertising firms and smaller companies in particular.

Our blog’s tone is authoritative and informative while still being approachable and entertaining to read. Our writing style is conversational, so imagine an easily accessible expert.

Our focus is on B2B content, copywriting, e-commerce, landing pages, lead generation and conversion, marketing concepts, strategies, and psychology; organic social media; pay-per-click (search, display, social, cross-channel); SEO; and website content (app and website development are not covered).


Posts from us: Among the many categories of content we regularly share are (but not limited to):

Alternative ways of looking at well-known problems.

  • personal experiences with trying new methods or approaches
  • Tutorials/cheat sheets for various software packages and methods.
  • Compilations of helpful resources and persuasive methods.
  • Insights, data, and trends in the industry.
  • Sector-specific recommendations.
  • New perspectives and practical illustrations.
  • Examples/templates.

The Necessity of Guest Posts

We get a lot of requests for guest posts every day, but we love them all the same. Since our focus is on quality rather than quantity, we only publish posts that are relevant, timely, accurate, actionable, original, and well received by our readers. In order to expedite our response and, if your topic is accepted, publication, please follow these guidelines.

1. Get a sense of our aesthetic

Insist on it! See how we present information (brief introductions, numerous headings and subheadings, succinct paragraphs, relevant images, etc.) and get a sense of our overall tone and style. Skim a few posts before diving into the rest of the forum and get the guest post publishing done by us free of cost.

2. Verify that your proposed topic has not been addressed elsewhere.

After more than a decade in business, this is essential! Even if we have already covered your topic, we may be interested if you have new information to share or a unique way of looking at it. Do a Google site search to see if your topic has been addressed.

3. Take a look at our technical specifications

What we need is this!

  • Minimum required length is 1,500 words (but don’t pad it with filler if you don’t).
  • Only about 150 words are needed for the introduction. Give the reader an overview of the post’s topic and focus.
  • Conversational tone; not stuffy and formal.
  • Excellent in every way: novel, useful, well-structured, and correct!
  • Use of headings, subheadings, short paragraphs, etc., to facilitate skimming.
  • Headings should always be all caps.
  • Mini bio: just three to five words. Your website or social media profiles can be linked to.
  • Photos: NOT FROM STOCKS. Illustrations should serve to clarify ideas and information. If you need an image, a simple Google search should do the trick; just remember to include a caption with the image’s source. Our images are free to use in any way you see fit. Just use Google’s image search by clicking the “Images” tab.

Now, this is exactly what we’re NOT looking for!

  • Excessive number of links back to YOUR site: You are limited to no more than 3 per post. That also refers to the bio link.
  • Images and statistics from external sources may be referenced. They are inappropriate for gaining a backlink from that source.
  • Lacking in depth knowledge of a subject, as evidenced by the article’s thin content.
  • Filler: unnecessary or excessively elaborate description.
  • Excessive amount of advertising.
  • Advertised or previously published material.
  • Stock pictures! (Worth bringing up once more).

Our favorite kinds of guest posts

Check out our Guest Author bio page to see an example of a well-written guest post. Visit on our already published articles, blogs and posts from various authors to read about how to publish guest posts write for us section.

To be Expected

We receive a lot of guest submissions, so we appreciate your patience, as it may require a some more time to publish your post.

  • If your pitch is accepted, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, usually within a week or two. If we haven’t responded within three weeks, please contact us again.
  • Once the topic and title are finalized, we will ask for an outline. It’s time to start drafting if the outline passes muster.
  • We will move on to editing if the draft is up to our standards. If the content is too thin or would require too many revisions to make it acceptable, we will let you know that we cannot publish the draft.
  • Revisions: We’ll make tweaks so the text flows better and adheres more closely to the Vetsinprison style guide. We’ll let you know if there’s anything we need from you, such as a higher-resolution image, a different approach, or more information.
  • Your post could go live anywhere from two weeks to four weeks after submission, depending on the extent of revisions required and other priorities on our content calendar. If we are particularly behind, this may take a little longer.

So this section – Guest posts write for us is all clear with its guidelines, how to, when to and general posting knowledge.

All set to pitch?

John email address is contact @ vetsinprison. org. uk

Here’s what you should put:

  • In the subject line, type [GUEST PITCH Toll].
  • A little bit about you: What skills or experiences will you use in your new job?
  • Topic ideas are good, but title ideas are even better.
  • Please link to at least one existing publication as a writing sample.

We are so excited to gain knowledge from you and collaborate with you!

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