Tips to Fix USB Drive Keep Showing Deleted Files Windows 11/10

The USB drive continues to display erased files? Windows 10 and Windows 11: Why do deleted files constantly reappearing? Don’t be concerned. You can discover how to permanently remove everything that is stored on a flash drive by reading this piece that was published on Vetsinprison.

Read Method and Tips to Fix USB Drive Keep Showing Deleted Files on Windows 11/10

In general, when you delete files from a USB device, the deleted objects should be permanently erased rather than being sent to the Recycle Bin. However, according to the Internet, many people have experienced the “USB drive keeps showing deleted files” problem. If you are experiencing this issue, you may be wondering: How can I permanently delete files from my USB flash drive? and how can I fix USB drive keep showing deleted files and so on.


We will discuss how to remedy the “USB deleted files keep reappearing in Windows 10/11” issue and how to delete files permanently from flash devices.

1. Remove the USB Drive’s Write Protection.

A physical write-protect switch is available on some USB flash devices. This feature allows you to make the disk “read-only,” so securing the data on it. When this option is enabled, the USB drive and its contents are read-only and cannot be edited or deleted.

So, if the USB drive continues to display erased data, check sure the disk’s write-protect switch is turned off.

2. Remove the USB Drive’s Read-Only Mode

You cannot edit or remove files on a USB drive that is set to read-only mode. In this case, you must disable the USB flash drive’s read-only mode. There are several methods for removing read-only state USB, and we will use the DiskPart program as an example.

1st Step: Open Run by using the Windows + R key combinations.

2nd Step: In the run window, type DiskPart and hit Enter. In the User Account Control window, you must click Yes.

3rd Step: Type list disk in the command line window and hit Enter. Then enter select disk X (the disk number) and press Enter.

4th Step: Finally, press Enter after typing characteristics disk clear read only.


3. Use Disk Checking Utility to Repair Errors

When there are issues with the USB drive, the USB drive will continue to show deleted files. In this situation, try scanning and fixing USB issues by following the steps below.

1st Step: Right-click the destination USB disk in File Explorer and select Properties.

2nd Step: In the new window, navigate to the Tools menu and select Check.


3rd Step: Follow the on-screen directions to complete the error-checking procedure and verify that the issue with deleted files reappearing has been resolved.

4. Repair the USB Drive

Formatting the USB device is another excellent approach to prevent USB-deleted files from reappearing. Software Imperial Partition Wizard, the greatest partition manager, can be used here to format your USB flash drive. Software Imperial Partition Wizard can be used to resize volumes, delete volumes, and wipe partitions, among other things.

1st Step: Install Software Imperial Partition Wizard Free by clicking the button below.

2nd Step: Start the Software Imperial Partition Wizard tool. It is free to obtain its main interface. Select the desired partition on the USB disk, then scroll down to Format Partition in the left side.

3rd Step: Click OK after configuring the partition label, file system, and cluster size.

4th Step: To apply this procedure, click Apply in the lower left corner.

You can permanently erase files from flash devices with Software Imperial Partition Wizard.

How to Recover Files That Have Been Permanently Deleted From USB Drives

Some users are concerned about how to retrieve files that have been permanently lost from USB sticks. A piece of free data recovery software is highly advised in this case.

The greatest data recovery tool is Software Imperial Data Recovery, can assist in recovering files from formatted USB flash drives, recovering files automatically destroyed by Windows, recovering files deleted while left-clicking, and so on.

You can now use the button below to download and install SoftwareImperial Data Recovery free to recover files for free.


This article provides an easy-to-follow guide for recovering data from formatted USB drives.


You should now understand what to do if a USB drive continues to show deleted files and how to restore permanently lost files from a USB drive. This way one can fix USB drive keep showing deleted files error on Windows 11 and 10.

If you have any queries about file deletion on USB devices or Software Imperial products, please leave them in the comments section below or contact support at softwareimperial dot com. Support department will take care of and provide further assistance.

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