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Video Advertising Part and Role

One only has to glance at the current Alexa ratings for websites to see proof of the power of video advertising. The Alexa rating measures the traffic a website is currently getting with number 1 being the best rating and higher numbers indicating a lower level of traffic.

At the time of this writing Amazon has an Alexa rating of 14. Ebay shows less traffic than Amazon with an Alexa rating of 20. Ezine articles which is a primary article directory used by Internet marketers to promote products and websites has even less traffic with an Alexa rating of 104. While all of these ratings are extremely good and are indicative of huge levels of traffic, they pale in comparison to You Tube which currently has an Alexa rating of 3.

Do you need more evidence of the power of video?

Newspapers are going out of business. Magazines are struggling. YouTube is growing exponentially day by day.

You can utilize the public’s appetite for video by learning to add videos to your site. You can easily add videos to your site by searching You Tube and using the embed button to create the code to add unique You Tube Videos to your site. This method can be very effective in gaining increased traffic to your website or blog, but it is very time consuming.

An easy way to add videos to your site in quantity is by using an effective WordPress plugin. Once the plugin is uploaded to your WordPress blog, you will choose the keywords which best define the type of videos you wish to pull from You Tube. The next step is to check which category to list the videos in on your blog. You can then choose how many videos to pull per week in order to schedule your postings. The final step is to push the fetch video button and let the plugin work its magic.

I have literally brought a few of my websites back from the dead with this easy to use plugin. In this day and age the hungry crowd seems to prefer videos over reading articles. Give them what they want and watch the traffic roll in. The Autotube video plugin is priceless. This plugin makes video marketing for your small business effortless. Video advertising is one of most effective method to reach relevant audience and gain growth in business.

As per market experts in our team – Stated that the videos are today crucial part of a business to promote it, to reach out to right audience, to explain about services, products and solutions. Video can be list on various social media platform and YouTube.

Video advertising is most recommended today and so the blog is written above about the same.

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