TRX Training

TRX Training

Here’s my TRX Review. Looking at about TRX for approximately annually, I finally ordered one and also have been amazed by how versatile it is. I love it so much that I’ve included in my listing of the perfect workouts.

The TRX Training system was created by former Navy Seal Randy Hetrick. He was looking for an full body workout system which he and the Seal Team could take all over the world and obtain a fantastic workout. The TRX technique is sometimes called to some “workout in a bag” and it is utilized by troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and several other parts worldwide. Maybe you’ve also seen them utilized in popular fitness shows like The Biggest Loser.

The TRX Suspension Cable workout is made up of pair of carefully crafted high strength straps which are put together use a great workout. Straps could be quickly adjusted and anchored behind a closed door, so be sure and order a kit with the optional door anchor if you are considering training at home or on business trips. It can really connect to almost anything at a telephone pole to monkey bars.

One of the advantages of the TRX straps is they can be employed by almost any fitness level. Because they make use of your own body volume, you are able to vary the intensity of the workout simply by moving you or foot position.

I would recommend making use of the TRX system as a circuit training system. Pick a set of 5-6 exercises and do them in 45 second intervals and the have a 15 second break. Only for five sets, you can obtain a great full workout. Here’s a good example of one of my TRX Workouts:

  1. Squat with a hop at the pinnacle.
  2. Chest press.
  3. Arm Curl.
  4. Back Pull
  5. Triceps Press
  6. Shoulder raise

The TRX Straps are particularly great for rehabilitation after a physical injury. Due to the stretch that you will get while training, it could best be referred to as yoga and weight lifting combined.

Keep checking back as I’m going to be posting more TRX workouts as well as perhaps a couple of videos.

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