Difference in Oxycontin OC vs Oxycontin OP

Read Difference in Oxycontin OC vs Oxycontin OP

Oxycontin OC vs Oxycontin OP contrast: Oxycodone, also known by its brand name Oxycontin, is a medication that is prescribed for pain management. It is a semi-synthetic opioid analgesic that was developed as a means of enhancing the effects of other opioids that are already in existence, such as morphine and codeine. Oxycodone is typically used to offer relief for pain that ranges from mild to severe.

This medicine’s analgesic effect is caused by a reduced pain reaction, an altered perception of the pain, and an improvement in the patient’s ability to tolerate pain. Oxycodone is an opioid analgesic, which means that it has the potential to become habit forming, especially if it is used in an inappropriate manner.

Opioid analgesics are frequently abused and misused by people due to the euphoric effect that they provide. Examples of these medicines include oxycodone. Abusers of medicine can frequently obtain the medicine illegally and without a prescription, which is typically considered a criminal offense and is subject to legal repercussions.

It is possible that some individuals will exaggerate their level of chronic or severe pain in order to obtain a prescription for the medication and get away with it.


Brand Name Release – Oxycontin OC and OP

Oxycontin OC (“OC” for Oxycontin Continuous) is the brand name for Purdue Pharma’s time-release version of the medication. When patients with prescriptions for Oxycontin OC go to their local pharmacy for refills, they may be surprised to see that the medicine has been altered in some way.

Oxycontin OC is no longer sold in pharmacies, and has been replaced by Oxycontin OP (“OP” for Oxycontin Purdue), a newer type of Oxycontin. Even if a pharmacy requests more Oxycontin OC, they will be sent the OP version instead.

But what exactly distinguishes these two Oxycontin OC vs Oxycontin OP medicine models? so just lets read more below about the main difference in Oxycontin OC and Oxycontin Op.

Oxycontin OC is the first formulation of the medicine. Time-release Oxycodone is prescribed for patients with long-term, severe pain. It’s highly concentrated with the active substance, and it’s one of the most widely misused pharmaceuticals in the United States.

Users who abuse medicines typically do so by snorting or swallowing crushed tablets, or by diluting the medication with water and injecting it. This provides them with convenient access to the opioid “high.” The time-release formulation of Oxycontin OC is useless if the pill is crushed or diluted in water, and the user receives a potentially lethal amount all at once.

The “OP” pill stamp, which stands for “Oxycontin Purdue,” was introduced after the medicine was modified to reduce the potential for abuse. The active component in this new formulation of Oxycontin is the same as in the old formulation, with some minor refinements. It is nearly impossible to chew the newly designed medication.

Even when crushed, they are still too large to be snorted via the nose without causing some sort of obstruction. The new tablet has a coating that makes it difficult to chew, shatter, or dissolve, which reduces the likelihood that it would be abused as an opioid analgesic. Overall, the production of Oxycontin Purdue serves as a deterrent against medicine misuse.


  • Oxycontin Continuous is denoted by “OC,” while Oxycontin Purdue is denoted by “OP.”
  • Because both formulations are bioequivalent, both medications will be absorbed at the same pace and to the same degree.
  • Oxycodone is the same active ingredient in both Oxycontin OC vs Oxycontin OP, which are opioid analgesics used to treat moderate to severe pain.
  • Pharmacy customers will no longer be able to purchase the OC formulation since the OP formulation will take its place.
  • Binders are added to the OP formulation to make it tougher and virtually impossible to misuse or abuse. Like the prior OC formulation, the OP formulation cannot be chewed.
  • The letters “OC” are imprinted on one side of the Oxycontin OC pills, whereas the letters “OP” are embossed on one side of the Oxycontin OP tablets.

A person’s everyday routine can be disrupted by the unpleasant sensation of pain, which can occasionally be so terrible that the patient feels like passing away.

Opioids are utilized everywhere to prevent these situations. Two opioid medications called Oxycontin OC vs Oxycontin OP are used to treat very severe pain.

Key Learnings:

  • While OxyContin OP is a reformed version of the medicine intended to prevent abuse, OxyContin OC is an earlier medicine formulation.
  • While OxyContin OP is resistant to crushing and dissolving, OxyContin OC is easily crushed or dissolved, raising the danger of abuse.
  • Compared to OxyContin OC vs OxyContin OP has abuse-deterrent qualities, making it a safer option for prescription pain management.

Comparison of Oxycontin OC and OP

The initial version of the painkiller OxyContin, called OxyContin OC, was prone to abuse and misuse since it was an immediate-release medicine. The painkiller OxyContin was reformulated to become OxyContin OP. It includes a tamper-resistant construction to guard against abuse and misuse and a tougher consistency to make it more challenging to crush and dissolve.

An example of a painkiller sold in the US is oxycontin OC. It contains the opioid hydrochloride form of oxycodone.

This painkiller must only be taken with a valid prescription from a physician. Only pain relief is the purpose of taking Oxycontin OC. Injury pain, neuralgia, arthritis, bursitis, and other conditions are included.

Body discomfort is treated round-the-clock with Oxycontin OP. It is also regarded as a medication with a longer release.

Extended-release refers to the fact that Oxycontin OP operates gradually and blocks pain for almost 12 hours. One opioid that aids in pain relief is this one.

Contrasting Table of OC and OP

Measures for Comparison

OC – Etymology: Oxycontin Continuous is what “OC” stands for in the name of the medicine Oxycontin OC.

OP – Etymology: Oxycontin OP is an abbreviation for “Oxycontin Purdue,” which is the manufacturer of the medicine.

OC – Meaning: With the appropriate dosage and prescription from a medical professional, the opioid Oxycontin OC can be utilized to provide pain relief.

OP – Meaning: Oxycontin OP is an improved formulation of Oxycontin OC that cannot be abused in the same way that the original formulation can.

OC – Features: Oxycontin OC was not developed in such a manner that it is impossible for people to use it in the same way as medicines are.

OP – Features: Crush resistance is a feature that is included with Oxycontin OP. It is not possible to splinter it up and blow it away.

OC – Availability: Oxycontin OC was once available on the market, however due to the widespread abuse of the medicine, its distribution was halted.

OP – Availability: Due to the fact that it is more resistant to being crushed, Oxycontin OP was introduced into the market as a replacement for Oxycontin OC.

OC – Identity: The initials OC are etched on each Oxycontin OC pill. The OC stands for “Oxycontin OC.”

OP – Identity: The letters “OP” are the markings that can be found engraved on Oxycontin OP tablets.

Describe Oxycontin OC

  • A medicine called Oxycontin OC is a type of analgesic. That is why it is regarded as a narcotic.
  • It is unlawful to purchase Oxycontin OC without a prescription, and the user risks legal repercussions if this occurs.
  • The goal of Oxycontin OC was to alleviate extreme pain.
  • Another name for this analgesic is Oxycontin OC Oral. It alters a person’s brain’s functionality and how it reacts to physical discomfort.
  • The greatest dose of Oxycontin OC per pill is thought to be 40 MG.
  • An overdose of Oxycontin is defined as 40 mg or more, and it carries a number of risks or even death.
  • Due to Oxycontin OC’s strong effectiveness, it is not advised to use it for minor pain. Therefore, Oxycontin OC should only be taken as needed and not on a regular basis.
  • To prevent unneeded mishaps, the patient should carefully read the instructions for using Oxycontin that his pharmacist or doctor has provided.
  • For severe pain, doctors do not advise taking Oxycontin OC. Usually, it is taken consistently. This tablet must be taken every 12 hours without any food.
  • However, he is also permitted to take it with food if he feels queasy.

Describe Oxycontin OP

  • Another medication used by people to treat pain is oxycontin OP. These pills typically have strength imprinted on them and are spherical in shape.
  • The dosages of the pills are 10, 15, 30, and 40 mg. Depending on the doctor’s recommendation, a particular tablet must be taken.
  • The narcotic qualities of Oxycontin OC led to widespread usage in the United States. Oxycontin OP was introduced with crush resistance properties as a result.
  • The “OP” stamp was on the pills. “OP” is an acronym for Oxycontin Purdue. A newer formulation of Oxycontin OC is called as Oxycontin OP.
  • Oxycontin OP also received a few new components. These tablets are designed in such a way that chewing or crushing them is nearly impossible.
  • Even if the pills are successfully cracked, they cannot be snorted or used as medicine. It is advised that the person using Oxycontin OP not break or chew this medication.
  • The pill for Oxycontin OP is meant to be eaten, and once done so, the effects start to have an effect on the brain.
  • It tricks the brain into reacting differently when experiencing pain. Depending on the dosage, Oxycontin OP’s effects can continue for two to three days.

Oxycontin OC and OP’s primary differences

  • While patients are still taking Oxycontin OC vs Oxycontin OP is still being used even though it is no longer available on the market.
  • Many people abused Oxycontin OC as a narcotic. Contrarily, Oxycontin OP cannot be abused as a narcotic by anyone.
  • The Oxycontin OC tablets are marked with the letters ‘OC’ to help you distinguish them from the Oxycontin OP pills, which have the letters ‘OP’ inscribed on them.
  • Oxycontin OC is not non-breakable because to the binder added to it, but Oxycontin OP’s key distinguishing characteristic is that it cannot be readily broken down.
  • The initials OC stand for Oxycontin Continuous in Oxycontin OC 10mg, and OC for Oxycontin Purdue in Oxycontin OP.

So these are above the difference and comparison between Oxycontin OC vs Oxycontin OP medicine that is available online and one can buy oxycontin online here.

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